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Wavy Grasses

30 years of Programming....

  • 1971 HP2000 BASIC, SNOBOL Interpreter (dialup, 110 BAUD).
  • 1975 Electrical Engineering Programming (CDC Cyber Punch Cards)
  • 1977 IMSAI Microcomputer Kit (Intel 8080, S-100 bus)
  • 1979 Data General Field Service (Nova/Eclipse)
  • 1980 Custom FORTH compiler for the 8080
  • 1981 Acmecartoon Computer Graphics (PDP FORTRAN/Asm)
  • 1983 Solid Modelling System - IMI Vector Graphics (Unix C)
  • 1984 The Macintosh! (68000 Asm, Lightspeed C, PASCAL)
  • 1986 Kurta Tablet Driver, MasterType game (MacFORTH/Asm)
  • 1987 Design & Build Realtime, Pipelined Video Processor
  • 1990 Design & Code A/B Roll Video editor (Mac Q-CUT 300+ users)
  • 1992 1st automated TV Spots from Disk (Mac FastBreak 30+ users)
  • 1997 Wild Rose: Graphics, Web, Software, the Great Outdoors!
  • 1999 Complete Broadcast Automation (Win2K Station Master)

  • Systems Windows NT/2K, MacOS, Unix, & Custom Systems
  • Hardware 3 PC generations, 5 Macs, 12 Routers, 10 DDRs, 40 VCRs
  • Languages C/C++, Java, Visual BASIC, HTML, PERL, FORTH, Asm

  • Broadcasting Electronics, Operations, Master Control, Traffic
  • Digital Video Disk Recorders using M-JPEG and MPEG-2

  • Front Side Computer Graphics, GUI, Objects, Web
  • Back Side Realtime, Threads, Device Interface, Serial, IP, SCSI
  • Flanks In-house and Customer QC / Debugging, Trace

Contract Programming Services

Experience and integrity are requirements for the design, implementation, and debugging of medium-to-large software systems.

If you have a project in-tune with our work, we'd like to hear from you.

Video, Web, and Print

Over 24 years of experience: Video production, broadcast, 3D computer graphics and animation, photography, print, maps, PostScript, and web publishing.

We'd enjoy the opportunity to discuss your project or business.

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