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We Can Plot Your GPS Data

Wild Rose provides a vital link between your GPS or other Earth coordinates, and high-quality topographic maps from the USGS and other sources. We can make an inexpensive "gpsMap" of your travels from Global Positioning System (GPS) location or track data, or printed or hand-written coordinates.

The resulting high-resolution maps can include text and pictures. We can print on glossy or water-resistant paper, or send you a computer file for use with publishing or mapping programs.

NOTE: Mapping takes plenty of time and effort. Our contract programming work is also time-consuming, and that work is currently crowding out the possibility of taking on new map work. Please feel welcome to write or call. We enjoy being helpful, and sharing a love for maps, gps, and the great outdoors.

What's a gpsMap?

The gpsMap shown here is a mountain bike track. Coordinate data from a GPS receiver is plotted over a USGS 7.5 minute topographic map.

A GPS "waypoint" is shown as a square box, with the name "C5B" nearby. The dashed line is the mountain bike's "track", recorded with a handlebar-mounted GPS receiver. Direction of travel is downhill, toward the colored end of the dashes.


There's a lot behind the scenes, but that's why we're here: to make mapping easy and affordable. You can e-mail, call, or write us with questions. Our approach is user-friendly, and our experience guarantees great results, like those you see here.

For a short course on how to tell GPS data from map datum, our GPS Hints and Map Hints chapters are right here, ready to help. They're easy to read and well-illustrated, with real-world examples and references for further research.

Keep in mind that web pages have limited resolution - about 80 dots per inch, so be sure to get our brochure, which includes some high-res examples.

GPS Data
Collecting Your Data

Collecting your GPS data is the fun part. It's inspiring to go hiking, biking, or touring, then come back and map where you went and what you found. Coordinates can come from any source, but GPS makes it easy.

Using a GPS receiver for the first time can be tricky, but we'll help you get started, and it'll soon become part of your routine.

What We Do

New orders are test-plotted first, verifying your data, and the area of coverage, scale, format, and price. If something looks wrong, or if you request, we'll send you the test plot to make sure everything's ok. We can work by phone, e-mail, fax, regular mail - whatever you prefer.

Then, we make a calibrated digital Base Map, plot your locations and trails, and fine-tune the results for the best detail and visibility. The resulting map can be printed, or you can get the original digital data by internet or disk.

gpsMap Packages

Wild Rose gpsMaps come in 4 standard "packages", or we can prepare a custom quote for you. Our inexpensive "Quick Plot" gpsMaps are $19 per page. Package descriptions, options, prices, and ordering information are in the gpsMaps chapter. When you're ready to go, fill out an order form to go with your coordinates.

Other Services

We can help you locate specific Maps, and prepare them with a UTM grid, for easy use with a GPS receiver. We also produce high-resolution digital maps, and we can do mapping and GPS field work for you.

Our Wild Rose products look great because of our extensive computer graphics, media production, and programming experience. Okono Computer Services offers a wide variety of graphics, production, and computer programming services.

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Map Hints

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The gpsMaps section covers our gpsMap packages, options, pricing, and ordering information. To get your project off to a great start, be sure to check out our GPS Hints and Map Hints sections. The site map at the bottom of each page lets you jump to any part of the site.

Thanks for visiting our home! We'll be changing things around often, so bookmark our site as one of your "Favorites", and drop by again. Comments and corrections are always welcome. If you notice a problem or inaccuracy, please let us know.

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