Digital Maps

Moss Trunk

High Resolution Digital Maps

Digital Maps can be used with GPS-related software, and they're also useful for print or web publishing. Here, part of Pebble Beach, CA is enlarged about 5x to show detail. Printed at normal size, the map has much of the detail and clarity of the original printed map.

Our high resolution digital maps are the starting point for gpsMaps, but you can get just the map for $10 a page (a page is 80 square inches). Digital maps are scanned and calibrated using desktop publishing tools, and our own custom software.

USGS Digital Raster Graphics (DRG)

For the ultimate in accuracy, the USGS offers many of their maps as calibrated digital images on CD-ROM. They use a limited pallet of 16 colors, but the quality is good enough for many uses. Each disk covers a 1 by 1 degree area, and includes calibration data for use with mapping software.

We can use DRG images to make gpsMaps. One advantage is that they have virtually no photographic distortion, having been drum-scanned and dimensionally adjusted.

Free Maps Online

Digital maps can be found online. Some are free, but they can take awhile to fetch. The USGS web sites are good places to start when looking for maps.

Sea Anemone

Map-Finder & GPS Preparation

Topographic maps are available at many outdoor stores, surveyors' offices, and by mail order. You can order directly from the USGS by mail, fax, or online, or we can help you find just the right map: Topographic maps, satellite images, digital maps on CD-ROM, and many different land-use maps are available.

USGS 7.5 minute, 30 by 60 minute, and 1x2 degree topo maps can be ordered through Wild Rose for $10 per sheet (plus shipping if less than 3 sheets). The price includes preparation with a UTM grid and folding, if you like.

Digital Maps

Mapping & GPS Work

As mentioned on our science page, our services relate to GPS, maps, and computer graphics. We are not Professional Surveyors.

If you need someone to help you work with GPS, or to do GPS field work for you, we'd be interested in discussing your project. Accuracy can be refined somewhat better than the SA level of 100 meters RMS, using DGPS equipment or other methods.

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