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There are thousands of web pages about maps, GPS, orienteering (finding your way), and all sorts of outdoor activities.

Some are listed here, and a quick web search can help you find more on a specific topic.

Beyond the world wide web, there are Usenet and other discussion groups online.

Information on our web site is free! It is presumed to be correct, but may be someone-else's tall tales, or otherwise incorrect.

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World Wide Web Links

Our Link & Reference Categories:

Search Engines

A good place to start is one of the web search services:

the Global Positioning System (GPS)

GPS Receiver Manufacturers

Wine Cellar

GPS Rcvr. Interface Software, Info.

Pump Jacks

GPS/MAP Tracking Software

  • DeLorme
    DeLorme offsers several GPS and/or MAP products. "TOPO USA", claims to cover the entire US, with detailed road and topography data on 4 CD-ROMs for $99. Some products have provisions for GPS tracking. "Tripmate" includes GPS Receiver and digital road maps.
    Both packages are available for Windows or Palm Pilot.

  • Fugawi Moving Map Navigation Software
    Windows GPS Interface and map plotting/tracking software.
    Supports user-scanned maps and USGS "DRG" maps on CD-ROM.

  • GPSy (TM) -- Macintosh GPS Communications.
    Macintosh GPS Interface and map plotting/tracking software.
    Supports user-scanned maps and USGS "DRG" maps on CD-ROM.

  • MacGPS Pro
    Macintosh to GARMIN GPS Interface and map plotting/tracking software.

  • QuoVadis
    Street-level mapping system for the 3Com PalmPilot, Palm III and IBM WorkPad.

GPS Rcvr. Interface Cables, Info.

  • Most GPS receiver manuafacturers can provide a cable to interface their unit to a Windows or DOS PC.

  • GPSy (TM) -- GPS Data Cables
    Interface cables for the Macintosh, and a reference for making your own cables.

  • MacGPS Pro
    Cables to link a GARMIN GPS Receiver to a Macintosh.

Differential GPS Equip. & Service


Agriculture, Aircraft, Marine, Survey

GPS Consulting & Programming

Publications, Discussions, Issues

Maps & Mapping


United States Geological Survey (USGS)

Point Bluffs

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

U.S. Census Bureau

Map-related software

Free Maps Online

Map Link Pages

Purple Iris

Outdoor Recreation & Parks

Search and Rescue

De-Archiving Software


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Reference Books

A sampling of books available.

GPS Land Navigation
by Michael Ferguson - Glassford Publishing, Boise 1997
Excellent book on navigation - with and without GPS, maps, or compass.

Maps for America
by Morris Thompson - United States Geological Survey
Good description of the USGS maps and how they are made.

by Jack McCormac - Prentice Hall
Overview of Professional Surveying

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