Q-CUT, Q-BASE, and FASTBREAK software updates are available to registered users. Please email Okono for details. Please be careful with these updates. Keep your old version, back up your hard disk, and archive all important files separately. You may need them if the upgrade is incompatible with your current system.

Potential new users of QC and QB must note that this software was "retired" in 1997, and is considered obselete. The software runs ONLY on older Macintosh computers, with MacOS 7.1.1 to 7.5 recommended. There are no instructions, no hardware or cables, and no support available.

You must also agree to the following. Copy it exactly to an email. Add your name, address, phone number, and email address, and a short description of how the software will be used.

FREEWARE AGREEMENT: By requesting Q-CUT and/or Q-BASE software, I affirm the following: I understand that this software remains the property of Okono, and that it is supplied "as-is", without charge, and with no product support. I will not redistribute this software in any form, whether free or for pay, nor will I post it on any website or archive. I will not alter, translate, or re-engineer the software, or violate the copyright of the owner. I ACCEPT FULL LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY FOR USE OF THE SUPPLIED SOFTWARE.

Great Outdoor Pictures

All of the margin pictures are here, with more to follow soon.

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